Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seasons... Winter then Spring, it all begins to happen..

Winter... Icy winds, rain & freezing... I made a hasty scramble to the car to take the photo above, I wasn't tough enough on this day to brave the conditions. What a difference in change of season, Tassie the island of contrasts. Spring, the hard work begins now....what an amazing view down to Launceston City & The Tamar Valley River, so tranquil.

Next the working bees, a huge tidy up. Soon the expedition with a packed trailer including chainsaw, wheel barrows &  all manner of garden tools to start clearing dead trees, stacking dead wood & pondering over rocks !! Some will stay in the landscape because they are too large to move, others will be used in walls. We'll need plenty of coffee on to get started...more photos on the day soon, hopefully with some of the local wildlife.

Last trip there, it's official... we have wombats, spotted & confirmed wombat poo !
I wonder if he is like "Combat Wombat " a resident at Cradle Mt when Rob was there ?

House plans are well underway, almost complete with some small tweaks in the design. The design guys at CBM are just brilliant.

Find of the month.. hardwood pallets for $5 each from Perth...heaps of them. Will need to get a load, ideas are already mounting for their recycling.. And next there's the fencing on the list....

Our plants in containers are rearing to go, at least two trailer loads alone to be moved ! The fun begins in November.....

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